About us

Trans-Logistic entered the Ukrainian transport service market in 2008. During 13 years of successful and fruitful work, our company has earned the reputation of a reliable partner that has managed to win the trust of a large number of customers.
The main business activities of the company include road transportation of the international and intercity traffic.
In 2011, the company acquired the status of a regular member of the International Association of Road Carriers of Ukraine (Reg. No. 71929).
In 2019, we won first place in the competition “The Best International Carrier of Eurasia - 2019” in a subgroup of companies with a fleet of more than 50 trucks.
In 2020 Trans-Logistic received the title "The best carrier of the Association of International Carriers of Ukraine 2019" in the group of companies that have more than 30 trucks.


Quick, efficient, safe connection of the companies, cities, countries into a single transport network.

Strategic objective

Developing a market for accessible transportation services for all customers. To do this, we develop, implement and offer modern and high-tech transportation and logistic services.

New vehicles

Trans-Logistics invests in the purchase of new vehicles made by the best manufacturers in the world. Over the past few years, 80 vehicles have been purchased by our company. Currently, more than 80% of our fleet includes EURO-5 and EURO-6 tractor trucks that meet the highest global quality and environmental criteria.

Our cars have many traffic safety systems

Autonomy Emergency Breaking

Loss Damage Waiver

Hill hold control

Adaptive Cruise Control

Electric Power Steering

in real time via systems: Scania Fleet Management, Dynafleet, FreeTrack,
Tracker ™, LocTracker, TracKing

We monitor our vehicles with the latest geolocation monitoring systems, as well as programs for remote vehicle diagnostics, efficient maintenance planning, vehicle efficiency, fuel efficiency control, remote temperature control of the refrigerated semi-trailers.

Corporate values




Team spirit and initiative




Customer focus



Company business principles

Always Ahead

The best logistics solution for every customer

Business reputation

Company’s service of vehicle maintenance and repair

Our company’s service repair and maintenance station is designed and equipped in accordance with the European standards, where our specialists provide timely and quality maintenance both of our vehicle fleet and the vehicles of our partners.

The service station counts with 12 repair sites: diagnostic, welding, coloring, straightening, tire compartments and automatic washing of trucks.

The service station has all the necessary equipment to guarantee the high quality service of various vehicles.

We believe that quality and reliable service can only be provided by the high-tech companies that keep pace with the scientific and technological progress.