Road Freight Transportation

Trans-Logistics provides road transportation services in the regional and international scale. We have at our disposal a new modern fleet, consisting of vehicles having different load capacity (20 tons, 15 tons, 10 tons).
All vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking, alarm and additional locking devices of the cargo area of the truck. The company and our drivers have all the necessary documents for the dangerous goods transportation, the vehicles have sanitary passports and ADR equipments.

Diversity of vehicle stock

We have the opportunity to serve in the industry fields as follows:


Construction and repair

Pharmaceutical industry


Cosmetic production

Consumer goods

Chemical industry

Equipment production


Alcoholic production

Tobacco production

International Transportation

More than 100 vehicles of EURO 5 and EURO 6 class transport internationally:

• 71 vehicles with tent semi-trailers of various modifications (blinds, sliding tents), have L and XL certificates and all the necessary equipment for the transportation of dangerous goods.
• 44 vehicles with refrigerated semi-trailers provide the required storage conditions in the temperature range (range) up to -20 °C.

In 2020, our company received 42 ECMT books, enabling us to fulfill contractual obligations throughout the year regardless of the permit shortage.

European countries

We have extensive experience in the transportation of valuable, dangerous, temperature-controlled cargoes and fertilizers. Transportation geography covers almost all countries of Europe, including: Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Slovakia, Czech Republic and others.

Regional transportation

Cargo capacity of 10 tons

Cargo capacity of 10 tons

5 vehicles with all-metal body

Cargo capacity of 15 tons

Cargo capacity of 15 tons

10 vehicles with all-metal body

Cargo capacity of 20 tons

Cargo capacity of 20 tons

73 vehicles with tent and isothermal semitrailers

Container carriers

Container carriers

10 cars
20 and 40 feet containers, refrigerated containers, containers under customs control.

Semi-trailers of various modifications

Tented, curtained



Container carrier

Fright Forwarding Service

In addition to our own vehicle fleet, our company has long-term contractual relations with subcontractors - transport companies, which count with more than 500 carriers that allow expanding the scope of services and geography of cargo delivery. Since 2017, for the convenience of our customers, the company operates an expedition department. Our specialists will help you find the logistics solutions for your business if the company vehicles cannot fulfill the necessary customer delivery at the same rates, in the same terms and with the same responsibility. We only work with the best and most reliable companies.

Being a freight transportation company, Trans-Logistics does consider the needs of freight carriers so that we always provide timely payments to subcontractors. We value our reputation on the market of freight transportation services related not only to our customers, but also to our carriers.

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